Hey everyone, i have a very important new for you... From today, i let the invention's workshop "Imaginá", that i went one day at week.

Actually, i don't know why, i couldn't answer that, but the only that i'll answer is that it was a little boring, because..... I don't know, but i hope to find some other passion, wich i involuncre much as i did in these two years at the workshop of inventions.

I would be a singer or/and actor and will succed with this!

Only the fate knows what the future holds for me...

Guys, yesterday i when to the hairdresser, and the men cut ALMOST my all hair, haha!
And when i back to my house after went, i took some pictures, obviously: of my new look-cut hair...
So guys, there're the all pictures that i took, visit and enjoy them!
And vote on the new poll about "my cut hair"....
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Hi guys, there is the all pictures that i found about the winter's Macabi's Iomaim-Camp the last May 26.... I hope you enjoy that and comment, and don't for get follow my own twitter page and follow me on my blog, thank you very match!

Guys, last year i did a video on the invention's workshop that i go one day at the week. The workshop's name is Imagina. And the last moth, i did another MORE COOL VIDEO than the other.... This's in spanish.... Anyway there is, enjoy and please comment under that:

OMG guys, please take a look to this pick, and comment about that, do you guys think that i'm look like Robert Pattinson? haha!!

Hi guys, what's up?
I'm just posting that because i want that you guys see my new tweet's design.... I maked that so, do you guys like it?
Please tell me what you think....

Hi guys, good afternoon, i just back from the Abasto Shopping....
I went there for watch Hannah Montana The Movie with the Bobe Olga, Jesi & Gasti Grin (my grandmother and my bros!!).

The movie is so cool, and Miley Cyrus look totaly amazing, i love she, but that was so fun, because i was in the cinema with they, and i think that we's the most old kids fot there, haha!!
And i felt..... so weird, hahahaha!!

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(Click on the pic to link and see the other pics)

OMG! I found those old school pictures on facebook from a minute, that's amazing, please take a look!
Guys, just wait some days for see more oldschool pics of me! I love it, hahaha!!

This videovlog if from the last friday 8/14 when i was in my house after went to the gym and workout with friends, we had a great time, i need more BODY, hahaha!